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nice 6 years ago
nice subaru back there
1 year ago
wot - no rubber condom?
Gulu 3 years ago
I want to meet you
nice beginning 8 years ago
- %u041C%u0435%u043D%u044F %u0410%u043B%u0435%u043A %u0437%u043E%u0432%u0443 %u0430 %u0432%u0430%u0441 %u043A%u0430%u043A? - %u042E%u043B%u0438%u044F. - %u041A%u0430%u043A? -%u042E%u043B%u0438%u044F
- My name is Mark, what's yours? - Oksana. - What? - Oksana.