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2 years ago
I watched as far as the third one. Nothing pisses me off more than idiots who jerk themselves off when they have a girl there to do that for them. Hey, I admit I love my own cock too and jerk off daily but never when I got a chick to do it for me. thumbs down cuz of the idiots
Melsy 2 years ago
If I am sucking a good cock, I can cum just from having the cock in my mouth. Mmmmmmmcum.
domenext 3 years ago
The young girl at 5:50 is very pretty.
2 years ago
These girls are beautiful, I cum a long way before it finished
2 years ago
Who is the first teen?
The Chick At The 24:00 3 years ago
Minute mark acts like my DRUNK EX WIFE did for the 20 years i was married to her.She wouldn't blow ME but anything else that could shoot the NUT NECTAR she had their COCK in her mouth in RECORD TIME...!!!!
James 2 years ago
Labor Day weekend the wifes cousin came to visit so we had a fire and all that. Her cousin went inside. So my wife,drunk on wine, starts blowing me and we're fucking around. Her cousin comes back and stands there watching, was pretty hot. Then my wife says "finish it", lol. So her cousin gave the rest of the bj, couldn't fuck her, I did shoot a load though! It was awesome.
lucie 11:23 2 years ago
Czech Streets episode 41
20:23 3 years ago
Who is the girl at 20:23?
Matthew 2 years ago
who is on 11 23, she pretty hot